I hope you enjoy the collection of photographs and the recollections about my life.  My story is based on actual events.  Let me give you a brief overview.

My life began in a backwoods Kentucky home.  My mother and father were owned by a very mean and ignorant Kentucky redneck.  I never got over that.  In fact, till my last day I was searching for what I came to call the "Bearded Redneck," hoping to exact my retribution on him for what he did to me and my sister.  Anyway, my early life was spent with my mother, suckling at her breast until I was about 2 months old.  The Bearded Redneck decided that he needed only my brothers to hunt and guard his shack which served as the home to his wife and seven children, only three of which owned a pair of shoes.   So, my sister and I, the only two females of my mother's litter, were dumped in the Daniel Boone National Forest in an area known as the Red River Gorge, a short drive from my birthplace.  My sister and I tried to find our way back home, but to no avail.  After about a month of wandering in the forest, hungry and malnutritioned, my sister and I were scavenging for food near a road when a car with a man and woman stopped.  I told my sister that this could be our big break and to look really cute.  The man looked nice and without a beard and the woman was saying all kinds of nice things to us.  We wiggled and acted as cute as possible hoping for a handout.  But, the car drove away.  My sister told me that these people looked like suckers and could be our last hope for some food before we starved to death and she tore after the departing car.   I followed my sister and we ran like the wind with the taste and smell of that dusty Kentucky road in our mouths.  Just when the car was about to go out of sight, it stopped!  My sister and I ran up to the car as the man and woman got out.  I was a little frightened, remembering the awful treatment at the hands of the Bearded Redneck, and I ran under the car.  My sister followed and we both wiggled under the car hoping to see if the man and woman would be nice to us.  Our strategy worked.  The man reached under the car and pulled each of us out and held us in his arms.  For the first time in our short lives my sister and I felt secure.  The man put us in his car and as he drove off, my sister and I fell asleep from absolute exhaustion in the back seat.  This was the best day of my life; the day that the man, my new daddy, found me.  Thus, the true beginning of my life, and I believe the real beginning of my daddy's life as well.

My story may seem like that of so many other dogs, but my life was very different.  I was blessed with meeting my daddy who loved me without reserve and shared his life with me with great compassion.  The adventures were endless.  How a little dog from the hills of Eastern Kentucky traveled to Colorado and Utah and even made it to the Rubicon Trail in the Eldorado Forest in the high Sierra Mountains of California, is an enigma to me.  But that's what happened.  I know my daddy is sad about my passing but some things in life come without choice.  I miss him and I know he misses me.  But we had a good run and nothing will take away the memories of our travels together.  I hope you enjoy my life's story.  I did.

Please check back for additions to Melanie's story